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A.        Grass Parcels:  Grass must be mowed and maintained at 3 inches or less in height throughout the fire season.  The grass may be cut and left on the parcel as long as it does not form a layer in excess of 3 inches above the ground.  Abatement must be completed by July 1st of each year.


B.        Ordinance 85, Special Hazards:  Remove all rubbish including: garbage, junk, refuse or trash, human waste, offal, wood scrap, leaves, weeds, tree limbs or trunks, abandoned automobiles or parts, ashes, cinders, sweepings, chips, waste paper, plasterboard, cement or any other organic or non-organic refuse. (Pursuant to BTCSD Ordinance 85)


C.         Wooded Parcels:  All dead vegetation or other flammable material must be removed from the parcel or destroyed in an approved manner.  Any dead vegetation, such as an accumulation of branches, leaves, or smaller trees must be chipped, burned on-site (subject to valid burn permit in conjunction with permissive burn days), or hauled away. Existing fallen trees greater than 6 inches in diameter may remain on the parcel provided all limbs have been removed and properly disposed of.

D.       Wooded Parcels:  Cut and remove all under-brush material, known as ladder fuels that carry fire to tree tops.  This material must be completely removed as flush to the ground as possible, and must be disposed of by burning, chipping or hauling away in an approved manner.


E.        Wooded Parcels:  All trees must be trimmed of branches to a height of 10 feet above ground level.  All lower branches must be removed as they directly contribute to the transfer of fire from the ground to treetops.


F.         Wooded Parcels:    All trees less than 6 inches in diameter at breast height shall be thinned or removed, to a minimum of 10 feet apart.  Any trees proposed for removal which are 6 inches in diameter at breast height or greater must have prior District approval. This would not apply to year-round irrigated trees, ornamental trees, etc...


G.        Defensible Space:  Maintain tree(s) adjacent to, or overhanging the structure, free of dead or dying vegetation. They must be trimmed of any and all dead branches. All other tree branches must be removed so a 10-foot clearance exists above and away from the structure.


H.        Defensible Space:  Remove limbs of a tree that extend within 10 feet of the outlet of a chimney.


I.          Defensible Space:  Remove vegetation and/or combustible materials within 10 feet of propane tank. This includes grass and low hanging limbs and brush.


J.         Defensible Space:  Remove and maintain all debris and vegetation from the roof. This includes pine needles, leaves, branches and flammable materials.


K.        Defensible Space:  Remove and maintain all flammable vegetation around structures up to 100 feet or to property line, whichever is closer.  Lot abatement is to be completed from property lines to the roadway, including county easement(s).


L.         Addressing:  To facilitate locating an address and to avoid delays in emergency response, all structures shall be designated with house numbers posted on structure or signs, to be clearly visible and legible from both directions of the roadway. Numbers shall be 4 inches tall against contrasting background.


Additional Information:

  1. Consideration should be taken to leave more than the usual brush and trees in areas known to have slipping problems, such as steep banks.
  1. Roadways and gutters that contain any debris from you operation must be cleaned up prior to leaving the job site.
  1. Work performed on parcels shall be done between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.  Burn hours are 9 am to 3 pm on permissible burn days, with a valid burn permit.
  1. Chipping operations such as blowing back onto the parcel or hauling away, are acceptable methods of disposal.  If chips are blown back onto parcel, chips must not form a layer in excess of 3 inches above the ground, on level areas only. 
  1. All burning operations shall first require a Mendocino Air Quality Management District Burn Permit, which is obtainable at the Brooktrails Fire Department or Air Quality Management office.  Burning season is November to June 1st of each year depending on the start of fire season, which is based on the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Burn Ban and the Brooktrails Burn Ban.


  1. Persons performing abatement work, upon completion, must turn in the assessor’s parcel number (APN) and property address when requesting an inspection sign off of that parcel.  Sign off inspections shall be completed in a timely manner from the date of request. Please contact Brooktrails Fire Department for the appropriate form at (707) 459-4441.
  1. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to locate the property boundaries.  Questions regarding property boundaries, legal descriptions, and parcel maps are referred to the County Assessor’s Office at (707) 234-6800












































































For further information please call (707)459-4441 or email


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